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— The Character Wardrobe Meme


Send a number to my ask box along with a character of your choice, and I’ll draw up the ensuing ensemble! (If the character chosen wouldn’t wear the option given… go ahead and sub in something else!)


  1. Underwear
  2. Casual clothes
  3. Work uniform
  4. Night clothes
  5. Swimwear
  6. Formal gala garb
  7. Lounging, lazy-time stuff
  8. A party outfit
  9. Date night threads
  10. Something outdoorsy
  11. Interview outfit
  12. Tourist/travel wear
  13. A costume!
  14. Their sick day scrubs
  15. Summer clothes
  16. Winter clothes
  17. Um, spring clothes?
  18. Why not - fall clothes!
  19. Workout wear
  20. Last minute throw-ons
  21. The most expensive thing they own
  22. A fig leaf

Feel free to add, subtract, or alter as you please to fit your character bunch!

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chapter two page 3 is up with not a moment to spare!!!
kapow !!!!!!!
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Chapter 2 page 2 is now up! 
I updated one day early cos I am in a good mood. It’s amazing what good weather and a couple days off can do for a person.
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Doing some more serious costume design for this other world, figuring out how the cuts work and what types of garments are most common, what they’re made out of, etc etc. With most common people, it’s a three part outfit: looser, airy pants that reach mid-calf, usually made out of a canvaslike, more durable cloth. Usually very plain in design, they’re never really made to have the eyes drawn to them. the tops are ponchos of varying length, usually not made with sleeves, although they can be. they are cinched at the waist with either a belt or a sash, sometimes these are made specially to match for a more fashionable look. Everything is made with a strong central vertical line, which is usually wide, of a different cut of cloth and very often with elaborate embroidery, quilting or dye. Usually embroidery. Then there are robes! Which do have sleeves and are used how you’d expect—like a sweater. These are usually more elaborate and ornate than the tunic/top/etc themselves, and often are made with fasteners down the center, but are just as often tied at the waist like their lighter counterpart. Ronan feels naked with naked arms, so he is never caught without one. He also prefers a shorter shirt, which is often read as modesty (where longer, more elaborate ones can be show-offy and flaunting of wealth)
The region Fallon comes from is fairly warm, and winter clothing tends to be made for the upper middle class and above. Leather sandals suffice for most of the year, sometimes for all of the year if you are in a warm enough country.
Most lower class has some variation on this style of dress, changing at times from the type of cloth, the dyes available, and the skill of the embroiderer (if there is any decoration at all). There are some gender differences for those whose work is more domestic.
And, of course, the nobility, military, and the religious classes are whole cans of worms unto themselves! I’m gonna have so much fun.
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Aaaand here is the cover for Chapter Two! 
This was fun, working with art nouveau compositions. Ready to get a move on with the comic! Hopefully I won’t be as swamped with work as I am this week/past two weeks. I’d love to get my buffer built back up!
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fat-crystal-witch asked : Fallon : 7, 33, 36, 58 !!! Crane: 12, 29, 48 Ronan: 22, 38, 45

I’m answering these with all the honesty in the world! If you wanna be surprised by stuff, well. I dunno. I, for one, am tired of keeping all these secrets!!!


7:Is your OC in a relationship? Well, She is and she isn’t—-nothing is official with anybody. On the one hand, she does have some serious history with Crane. All of it, however, is not spoken of, ever. Super forbidden. Because…. Fallon is also the object of desire of the crown prince, who is both sorta handsome and really childishly jealous and wrathful. Again, this is forbidden—the priestess is supposed to remain a pillar of society, totally chaste, etc. Everyone knows about the crown princes’ visits, though. Even Crane.

33:Are your OCs parents dead? Yes! Or at least, her mother is. It was shortly after Fallon was “hired by” (sold to) the capital’s palace servants that her mother succumbed to guilt and depression and wasted away. Her father was unknown, just a traveling mystery dude, and everybody on Fallon’s home island knows that he was on his way to the Archipelago in the West, but that was like, 28 years ago….

36:What turns your OC on? Needy fingers and pleading faces. She likes to watch all those shirtless sword tournaments, too… ohohoho. B)

58:Is your OC introverted or extroverted? Naturally, she is extroverted. She knows when to be quiet, when to withdraw, and how to study, but she is 100% not shy. If she were out of the rituals and trappings of priestesshood, she’d be outgoing all the time.


12:Is your OC sexually active? Sort…. of? Very rarely. He’s an all or nothing type of dude. He’s very hung up on Fallon. Also, he works a lot. Like, all the time. I’d say maybe twice a year he’s sexually active, maybe? When/if opportunity prevents itself, if he’s in the mood, etc. He is very often not in the mood. He’s really….serious. See also: untrusting of people in general, and of such states of vulnerability.

29:Can your OC swim? He sure can!! He grew up in the plains, where there isn’t too much in the way of bodies of water to swim in, but when he joined the army as a kid, he probably didn’t know, and had to learn. He had a rough start in the lower ranks for a bout five years.

48:What social class is your OC from? Crane comes from a tribe of nomadic plainsmen who have a sort of violent, malicious, underhanded reputation. They all have the same color hair, and it’s thought that it is a curse inherited from the original member, who angered a god. They’re incredible fighters. Their reputation for violence and savagery makes it difficult for them to assimilate in the Four Cities of Asailth, and there was an actual ban on them climbing ranks in the army, police, etc, anything with authority, until Crane was the breakthrough member. Struggling with a label of being superviolent and also being the commander general has its toll on him, sometimes.

RONAN !!!!

22:Has your OC ever killed someone? hell no!!!! Will he, though?! We shall find out!!!

38:Does your OC have any pets? He had a turtle and a bird as a kid even though he desperately wanted a puppy!!!! His family had no time for such shenanigans, though. So he named his bird and his turtle after Gundams

45:Does your OC like reading? He likes to read, sort of medium like. He’s a smart kid, a book smart kid, but he only read the first five Harry Potters. He liked a Series of Unfortunate Events a lot more. Now that he’s sort of grown up, he only has time for reading all of his anthropology textbooks, which he probably appreciates a lot more.

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— How Well Do You Know Your OCs
send me a number 1-60 and i'll answer the questions with one of my OCs
- 1:What's your OCs favorite color?
- 2:Where does your OC work?
- 3:What's your OCs favorite food?
- 4:Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?
- 5:How old is your OC?
- 6:Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
- 7:Is your OC in a relationship?
- 8:What are some of your OCs strengths?
- 9:What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
- 10:What is your OCs favorite outfit?
- 11:What is your OCs spirit animal?
- 12:Is your OC sexually active?
- 13:What is your OCs earliest memory?
- 14:Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?
- 15:What makes your OC angry?
- 16:When is your OCs favorite time of year?
- 17:How long can your OC hold their breath?
- 18:What kind of underwear does your OC wear?
- 19:Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?
- 20:What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
- 21:Who is your OCs best friend?
- 22:Has your OC ever killed someone?
- 23:Whats your OCs biggest secret?
- 24:What does your OC smell like?
- 25:What time of year does your OC prefer?
- 26:Is your OC a human or an animal? (or something else idk)
- 27:What languages does your OC speak?
- 28:Does your OC like anime?
- 29:Can your OC swim?
- 30:What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?
- 31:Does your OC believe in fairies?
- 32:Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
- 33:Are your OCs parents dead?
- 34:Is your OC religious?
- 35:How flexible is your OC?
- 36:What turns your OC on?
- 37:What was your OCs first word?
- 38:Does your OC have any pets?
- 39:Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
- 40:What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
- 41:What is your OCs motto about life?
- 42:Does your OC drink coffee or tea?
- 43:Who is your OCs biggest hero?
- 44:What color eyes does your OC have?
- 45:Does your OC like reading?
- 46:Is your OC loyal?
- 47:Does your OC tolerate violence?
- 48:What social class is your OC from?
- 49:What country was your OC born in?
- 50:Does your OC cry easily?
- 51:What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
- 52:How does your OC feel about insects?
- 53:What is your OCs sexual orientation?
- 54:Does your OC smoke?
- 55:What gender is your OC?
- 56:What kind of clothes does your OC wear?
- 57:Would you call your OC adventurous?
- 58:Is your OC introverted or extroverted?
- 59:What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
- 60:Does your OC enjoy nature?
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Fun times finishing a sweet tat on the bro-ham #tattoo #skull #cowskull #georgiaokeefeknockoffs #skulltattoo
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